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Mantis Man

After gaining powers from a praying mantis and an ancient Japanese medallion, high school student Brando Rosati gets trained by his sensei master Ming Zu – the medallion’s owner, in ninjutsu and bushido. Then dedicates his life-fighting crime and saving lives while still being trained by his sensei, as the emerald god Mantis Man.

Brandon Michael Rutter

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 422

Brando Rosati 17-year-old high school student gains powers through an ancient medallion and praying mantis. He then meets his soon-to-be sensei master Ming Zu, whose been dead since Feudal Japan, in his dreams. Master Zu explains his past along with the purpose of the medallion, that it chose him to defeat evil humans possessed by tengu, whose only purpose is death, destruction, and to rule the world. Did the medallion choose correctly, is Brando soon-to-be young warrior known as Mantis Man the chosen one to defeat this hellbound evil?


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