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Mantis Man #9

After gaining powers from both a praying mantis and an ancient Japanese medallion, high school student Brando Rosati gets trained from his sensei master Ming Zu- the owner of the medallion, in ninjutsu and bushido. Then dedicates his life-fighting crime and saving lives while still being trained by his sensei, as the emerald god Mantis Man.

Brandon M. Rutter

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

After his second. battle with Toxic, Mantis Man decides to call it a night and return to his home. Meanwhile Toxic is back to his old buddy Governor Ronald Barkley’s mansion to have a chat with him. Things escalate between them while Brando Rosati aka Mantis Man tries to get answers from his 1st. message from his avatar from his Sensei Master Ming Zu in Dreamworld! What will Master Zu tell Brando?


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