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Masaru Monkey Tales #4

The Shimada sisters Tsuhgi and Seiko attempt to look into their father’s past and send their new bodyguard to track down some leads, Tamiko, Mitsuki and Jin-ho arrive at an apartment complex haunted by rat-like entities who terrorize the residents on the first night of the new month. The skills of the trio are tested as they work in unison to stop the threat.

P. Skylar Owens, Jean Poole, Anias Gurle

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

When a deal with a demon went wrong for Japanese industrialist Yoshito Shimada, the orphan Tamiko Yami lost her sight as the price. A secret order of monks saw potential in the girl and trained her in the art of demon slaying, seeing her as the human embodiment of the mythical monkey god ‘Masaru’. Along with her allies, Jin-Ho and Mitsuki they battle the supernatural threats in a secret war.

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