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Medjai Son #2

Umi and Hiro rush to deliver an urgent message to the High Summoner of Bomani. However, an unexpected enemy threatens to cut their journey short.

Kasisi Harris, Jose Rondon, Aljosa Tomic

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 8

Umi Azeneth is the last in the line of the infamous Medjai, battle mages capable of wielding the Five Words of the Desert. After the death of his father, for an unspoken reason, he is hidden away to grow up in the foreign land of Reo, armed only with the First Word of the Desert. Now an adult, Umi desperately wants to connect with his past. He seeks to collect the remaining four Words of the Desert and create a legacy of his own. But, when an old enemy seeks to fan the flames of war once again, Umi will have to decide whether to defend a land that he’s never known or side with the forces against it.

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