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Meta Sabian

Collection Edition

Jean Esther, Bruce Jones , D.L. Nuskey

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 106

Some say that our lives are linked across time and space… Connected by rippling “echoes” throughout the ages… it calls us toward our Destiny. Those whom are worthy enough to unlock the ancient knowledge will hold the secrets to the future fate of the universe. There is a massive awakening happening in the world today. There are a select few who break the control of the mental prison system the people are living under. Those who have been awakened are now attempting to enlighten others to become part of a small but growing resistance within the population. Their destinies will draw them together in order to bring down a tyrannical system. Everything is not as it seems… Secret societies are running the world of Atem from behind the scenes, involved in all levels of the United Regions government, the mainstream news media and even the entertainment industries that are used as a form of mass control over the way people think and view the world. Ancient orders of the past are working to enslave the populations of the world still to this day… However…unlike the past, where they acted in the open, today they remain hidden in the shadows and work behind the scenes pulling the strings of government, military, corporations and media with no clear leader at the helm guiding the course of actions taken. It has been discovered by a small number of individuals that the members of these secret societies are worshiping beings from another dimension. These beings are said to be “reptilian” in appearance and believed to possess great power over key members of the secret organizations. Through this method of control they took over key positions of society and are guiding the world toward destruction and chaos.

The series introduces its first character “Akin” as he attempts to grasp his new found powers while simultaneously discovering his ancestry and his future ahead on planet “Atem”. To become what is needed you must understand the past, present, and coming future of the timeline you exist in on the planet “Atem” of our ancestors. We are “the Watchers,” a chosen few here to help guide you on the necessary path, do not be afraid. The choices you make will have a ripple effect throughout all time and space. As “watchers” we are unable to play a direct role in the coming struggles you will have to face. However, we are capable of communication with you through visions and ancestral memories due to your unique bloodline. Understand there are not many like you still in existence that will be capable of receiving these messages from us. Therefore, it is key to our survival that you unlock your full potential from within. Trust your instincts and follow the synchronistic path, for you will not be completely alone in this journey and there are allies to be found along the way that will also play an important role in the struggles to come.



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