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Midnight Warriors #06


Mark McCracken, Andy Sullivan, Stephen Holcomb II

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

Matt Harding has recently become the bearer of an ancient ring created by the Gods which grants him control over and creation of fire. He befriended the sorceress demon Karisma and her apprentice Demmy, and the three eventually encountered a vampire/gargoyle hybrid named Selena in need of rescue. Now, the four of them all reside in Matt”s one-bedroom apartment, with tensions mounting. Matt continues to use his power to fight the evils of the world and gain respect in the eye of the Gods, while also trying to learn more about it”s origin. Karisma aids Matt in his quest, and has grown closer to him as time passes. Demmy has been learning Karisma’s craft for some time and hopes to surpass her expectations, though his efforts seem constantly stifled. Selena seeks refuge from the vampires and the gargoyles who persecute her for existing as an anomaly to their kind and turning her back on both.

It’s Selena”s 18th Birthday! But she”s not too happy about it… This issue digs deeper into the Tragic Origins of our Winged Warrior. Plus: The elemental Wind Ring is attempting to find a new wielder, but isn’t quite getting the desired result.

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