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Midnite’s Avenger #3

Gabriel Ramirez, Ol Raz, Kris Chua, Kris Chua, Will Perkins

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

A Rookie Vigilante has taken to the streets of Midnite in an effort to rid her city of crime and corruption. This has gotten the attention of Midnite cities finest as well as The Big Boss of Midnite. Kinkaid and his crew have come back in time to live in the land of milk and honey and they have chosen Midnite City as their home base. A rookie Vigilante. A cop out of time. One violent crime boss. 2 hard nosed detectives and a band of blood thirsty marauders from the future. Let the games begin.

Midnite’s Avenger and Kaoss finally meet face to face and it ain’t pretty. Meanwhile we shine the spot light on Reese, Lincoln & Chaney as they go out to cripple one Frost’s biggest operations. Like we said this is the big fight issue! action. action. ACTION!

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