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Mort Todd's Monsters Attack Vol 1

Mort Todd, Gray Morrow, Pat Boyette, John Severin, Rick Altergott, Steve Ditko, Rurik Tyler, John Arcudi & Gene Colan, Nick Cuti, Alex Toth, Norman Saunders

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 124

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Volume 1 includes the following incredible comics: Sex Vampires from Outer Space by Mort Todd & Gray Morrow; A Monster for All Seasons by Pat Boyette; Return of the Golem by Mort Todd & John Severin; Frankenstein 1990 by Mort Todd & Rick Altergott; In Solid by Steve Ditko; Weirdbeard by Rurik Tyler; Aquacarnivora by Mort Todd & Gray Morrow; All in His Mind by Steve Ditko & Mort Todd; The Outsider by H.P. Lovecraft, Bhob Stewart & Steve Harper; Abracadaver by Rurik Tyler; A Boy’s Life by Mort Todd & John Severin; The Daemon by John Arcudi & Gene Colan; Bookworm by Nick Cuti & Alex Toth, along with pin-ups and articles George Romero’s Dead: Flower Children of the Apocalypse; The Mars Attacks Art of Norman Saunders and Are You Ready for Freddy, The Man of Your Dreams and even more!

In the late 1980s, Mort Todd was Editor-in-Chief of the infamous Cracked magazine and already working with many of the living legends of the comic industry. A fan of creature culture since a kid, Mort was inspired to put out a horror magazine along the lines of Tales from the Crypt, Creepy and Famous Monsters with the awesome talent he assembled. He had launched an incredibly popular humor magazine called Cracked Monster Party, which indicated a ‘serious’ monster magazine might be successful as well… and it was! Mort wrote many of the stories and as editor crafted the look of the book, a homage to his misspent youth! Since then, many comic fans have requested that Mort put together a collected edition and now the time is as ripe as a rotted zombie! The series is in two volumes with notes about the creation of these comics by editor/writer/artist Mort Todd. There is also rare behind-the-scenes photos, art and other supplemental fun!


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