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Nivadahmandi #2

The mutated Tangle monster has retreated underground, taking two Zero Guards with it. LyriCass volunteers to flush it out so they can destroy it once and for all.

Solomon Mars

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Later on JaeChiss pays a visit to Zero Guard headquarters where he discovers that his case may be the beginning of a city-wide, mutagenic, epidemic.

Ephonne is a supernatural world that answers the question of why anthropomorphic cartoon animals wear clothes. The clothes are magic! They grant animals sentience, allowing them to walk, talk and build societies. Above all clothes, the most powerful are the puffy, white, four-fingered gloves; the original magical clothing. But everything in this weird and wonderful world isn’t sunshine and dancing flowers. There’s a dark magic, brewing for centuries that ua now spilling out, turning animal folk into nightmarish piles of living tangled string mutations, across the coastal megalopolis of Altross. Thankfully there are gloved heroes ready to fight, that can stretch their limbs, defy gravity, or bend reality to make objects appear from nowhere.

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