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Obsoletes #1

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The Obsoletes are out of time. Literally! After being thrust 20 years into the future, Knox and his crew are eager to get their lives—and jobs—back. But to do so, the group must compete against a newer, younger prospecting crew with better gear, better weapons, and way better tech. No one said the future was going to be easy.

Wes Locher, Aaron Humphres, Haley Martin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

When a group of grizzled intergalactic prospectors is accidentally thrust 20 years into the future, they’re faced with a very different reality. The world they knew is unrecognizable and their profession has changed, becoming more deadly than ever. But rather than ride off into retirement, the crew of roughnecks sets out to prove that they’re still the best in the game even if they are a little obsolete. A series with engaging characters, plenty of sci-fi action, a dose of humor, and a ton of heart.

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