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Oniric Comics Presents #1

Oniric Comics Presents features various kinds of short stories by established creators and amazing new artists with carte blanche to create the stories they really wanted to tell.


Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The tales presented in this sensational first issue are:

– BAD HABITS, by Robert Burke Richardson and Jim Rodgers.
A sarcastic version of King Kong.

РWHITE & RED, by Jean-Marc Lain̩.
Berlin, 2053. Two years after the nuclear winter, a man must deliver a mysterious package in a forbidden zone.

– WOODY & THE CURSED FOREST, by Arnaud & Fred Grivaud.
Woody is a disobedient kid, a daredevil who sees his father as a killjoy. When his Dad tells him never to go into the forest, because it is cursed, Woody jumps at the opportunity to challenge him and heads for the thick woods…

– MAN IS A WOLF TO MAN, by Jim Arden.
A female werewolf is being hunted by an angry mob.

– ETERNAL RECURRENCE, by Chris Malgrain & Jim Dandy.
A tale about disobedience to totalitarian propaganda.


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