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Parables #2

Grok is the leader of the Tribulation Taskforce! He has motivated, encouraged, and in some cases provided powers for the team members. But what do they really know about him? All of his secrets are revealed. But when they are, what will that mean for the team going forward?

Bill Raupp, Carlos Rodrigo, Periya Pillai

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

THE END OF DAYS ARE UPON US ​ The soon-to-come world dictator Apollyon is on a mission to bring forth the last days before the appointed time. Under a platform of world peace, he uses his position in the United Nations to assemble a team of Superpowered warriors to help him achieve his true goal, the destruction of mankind. The hero GROK, along with The Apostle John (who is still alive), searches out the globe’s greatest heroes to combat the oncoming threat!

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