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Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances Collected

Paul Kupperberg, Jeff Austin, P. D. Angel Gabriele, José Luis García-López, Dærick Gröss Sr., Dean Haspiel, Barbara Kaalberg, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Rob Kelly, Andrew Mitchell, Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Joe Staton, Kevin Tuma, Mort Todd

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 80

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SMITTEN! Two cops, one squad car, and the proof absolute that familiarity breeds contempt. Or does it? Penciled by Pat and Tim Kennedy, Inked by Jeff Austin, Lettered by Mort Todd, Colored by Matt Web. THE MAN WITH A COPY OF ‘THE CATCHER IN THE RYE Before suitors could exchange photos on the internet, first meetings were fraught with anxiety… especially for a young woman who feels all first meetings are doomed. Illustration by Rob Kelly. CYBERMATCH.COM You don”t always get who you want, but sometimes you get who you need. An internet dating site provides Carl with the unexpected girl of his dreams. Art by P.D. Angel Gabriele, Lettered by Mort Todd, Colored by Matt Webb. FORGET ME NOT It”s never too late to find love, and the introduction of Rose and Darren leave the senior citizens feeling as though they”ve known one another forever. Art by Dærick Gröss Sr., Lettered by Mort Todd, Colored by Matt Webb. MEN LIKE HENRY BERTRAM Judge and Mrs. Crowley are pillars of their 1950s era community in which there”s no room for deviance… certainly not the sort practiced by men like Henry Bertram. Penciled by Pat and Tim Kennedy, Inked by Bob Smith, Lettered by Jack Morelli, Colored by Mort Todd. MY HEART TOOK WINGS Love can give you wings… or it can leave you with a broken heart. Penciled by Pat and Tim Kennedy, Inked by Barbara Kaalberg, Lettered by Jack Morelli, Colored by Matt Webb. BUTCH MCKENNA”S GIRL Her body belonged to Butch McKenna, but not even the murderous outlaw knew what was in her heart. Penciled by Paul Tuma, Inked by Barbara Kaalberg, Lettered by Mort Todd, Colored by Matt Webb and Mort Todd. THE HOLES IN YOUR LIFE A grieving widower can only hide behind closed doors so long before the neighbors come knocking. Illustrated by Rob Kelly. THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS No matter how hard she looked, she could never quite focus in on love. Art by Joe Staton, Colored by Mort Todd. THE GREAT DIVIDE Sometimes, the shortest distance between two points isn”t a straight line! Art and Color by Mort Todd. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT Physics is an exact science, but mixed with love, the entire equation can be thrown out of balance. Penciled by Fernando Ruiz, Inked by Bob Smith, Lettered and Colored by Mort Todd. BEFORE I RUN OUT OF FOREVER When humans attain immortality, will love still be able to survive forever? Art by Andrew Mitchell, Lettered and Colored by Mort Todd. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Sometimes, the harder you try to impress, the more likely you are to fall flat on your face… or something else. Photograph by Sidney Kupperberg. Plus pin up pages by José Luis García-López and Dean Haspiel.

Paul Kupperberg has written over 1000 comic book stories for publishers including DC, Archie and now Charlton Neo, where he is also Executive Editor. Many of the characters he has worked on are now regularly featured on TV and in films. He was an editor for DC Comics, executive editor of Weekly World News, as well as a writer of novels and newspaper strips. He has worked in every genre from superheroes, horror and humor, and now comes a collection of perhaps his most risqué work for an ignored category… that of romance comics!

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