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Robyn Of Sherwood

Robyn and the remaining Merry Men take on King John and the latest man to hold the mantle of Sheriff of Nottingham. Will the famed outlaw’s daughter live up to the legend and triumph over King and Sheriff or will she and the aging outlaw band go down in defeat?

Paul Storrie , Rob Davis, Michael C. Larson, Thom Zahler

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 96

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Robin Hood is dead! In the dark years since the death of Robin Hood, the former Prince John has proven himself one of the worst kings that England will ever know. Struggling under the burden of heavy taxes and royal whim, the people speak more and more of days past, when a brave yeoman rose from among them to stand against those who abused power and privilege. Furious that his enemy is remembered still, and fearful of what his example might inspire, King John orders a campaign to extinguish the memory of the Sherwood archer. The first step–to execute the surviving members of Robin’s band! Now the only hope for the aging outlaws, and for England itself, lies in the shadows of Sherwood Forest, where Robin’s legacy of rebellion is reborn in a startling new form… …his daughter, Robyn!

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