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Roth Vanguard And The Venomous Vipers #1

General Stonefist of the Sierra Nevada Dwarven Clan is captured by California Reich Special-Forces in a raid at dawn. His Live pay-per-view execution is about to be announced. Governor Hardcastle of the North American Metahuman Alliance assembles Roth Vanguard and his elite team of soldiers of fortune, known as the Venomous Vipers, to rescue General Stonefist. Meanwhile, an extraplanar being known as Gabriel pays a visit to Vanguard. Gabriel who states that Roth is a part of a greater destiny, that could affect the entire multi-verse. Other extraplanar entities arrive on earth and begin to move pieces on the eternal chessboard, which will ultimately determine the fate of mortal man.

Ted Lody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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In this alternate reality, the United States suffers a series of devastating and demoralizing defeats during the Cold War in Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. The US economy enters into a long-lasting recession, quickly becoming a third world power. A unified Vietnam consolidates nearly all the opium production in Southeast Asia, creating a virtual monopoly. There is a spike in illicit narcotic use in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, 1 out of 6 Americans will become a chronic drug addict; often resorting to crime to feed their addiction. Latin American and Asian Drug Cartels grow in power and influence. By 1976, most Latin American countries are directly and openly controlled by Drug Cartels. Columbia nationalizes its Cocaine industry in 1977, the same year Pablo Escobar is elected President. Canada and Mexico seal off their borders with the United States by 1980. The Mexican Government’s problems with illegal immigrants become so severe, it constructs a massive 2000 mile wall along its border with the United States, armed with machines guns turrets and heat-seeking missiles. By 1984, most legal American immigrants who lawfully entered either Mexico or Canada are placed in concentration camps, accused of economic espionage or acts of terrorism. The Canadian Government is commended for its human rights atrocities committed against illegal and legal American immigrants by the nations of Cuba, United Korea, and Iran. Mass grave sites can be found on both sides of the United States border. Early in 1999, the United States Governments collapses shortly after a massive stock market crash, sending the nation into a state of chaos. Seizing the moment, at dawn on May 5th, 1999, Cuban, Mexican and Canadian forces invade the United States, later dividing it into several occupied sectors. Several regional insurgencies emerge, driving back the invading forces of Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. From these American insurgent groups, several city-states and ad hoc alliances are formed from the remnants of the former United States government and armed forces. December 31st, 1999, a dimensional rift opens at Stonehenge, United Kingdom. A horde of demonic beings enters this plane of existence. This sets an entire series of events into motion, awakening entities and dimensional energies from an age long forgotten, altering the fabric of reality. Most of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia are devastated. Holy Sites and their secret guardians throughout the world repel the Demon Horde. Guardians appear in such Holy Sites as Vatican City, Mecca, Medina, Varanasi, and others. As the horde advances on the city of Moscow, The Soviet Union reluctantly launches a Nuclear Counter-Strike. Although most of Demonic Horde is destroyed by atomic fire, millions of human lives are also lost in the Nuclear Counter-Strike and millions more world-wide by the Nuclear Fallout that follows. On the Eve of the next Spring Equinox, a mysterious group known as the Druids emerges from the shadows and closes the Dimensional Rift at Stonehenge. These Druids begin the process of restoration in Europe and Central Asia; purging the world of the effects of Demonic Corruption and Nuclear Fallout. Earth”s fragile ecosystem slowly begins to heal. Mythical creatures of legend will return to shape the destiny of man and be worshiped as gods. Several members of the race of man will shed their human flesh, as their true nature emerges. Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Wolfmen, Orcs, Goblins, and other creatures begin to appear. Historical men of destiny and empires that are believed to be vanquished shall rise again, fueled by new forms of hatred. The year is 2030 and new villainy will breed a new generation of heroes. These are their stories…


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