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Russ5377 Project Prototype

Russ and his friends begin their escape from the evil Professor Morb, his doctors, and evil orderlies. But will they all get out alive or will they fall victim to experiments that can transform them into the monsters that now lurk in the shadows of Luis Judin Home for Youths?

Jorge Medina

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 140

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Born with incredible superpowers he doesn’t know he possesses, Russ Malcon today finds himself in an orphanage named the Luis Judin Home for Youths. Unfortunately, this orphanage isn’t what it seems and Russ is beginning to find this out when other orphans begin to disappear. Will he be able to escape the grasp of Professor Morb, before he too goes missing? With the help of his two wacky friends, Keeno and Bachee, Russ is beginning to discover that at Luis Judin Home for Youths, you have to question everything and believe nothing!

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