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Sadistik The King Of Crime #1

Eugenio Zappietro, Ernesto Garcia, Osvaldo Walter Viola

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

he King of Crime also had a long run in Argentina under the name Kiling. It was so successful that after the original run was printed, the publishers created new adventures with local actors and locales. They expanded their line to include Kiling paperback novels and comics. By 1974, they launched the magazine Skorpio, a comics magazine featuring some of the world”s best cartoonists. Along with cowboy, sci-fi and barbarian strips was a comic strip version of Kiling written by Eugenio Zappietro (as Ray Collins, who also wrote the new photo novels) and artists Ernesto Garcia and famous Argentinean cartoonist Osvaldo Walter Viola (known as “Oswal”). These rare comics are great fun and of interest to comics and Sadistik fans worldwide and are presented here in English, comic size and in color for the first time.

In 1966, a character named Killing started a 62 issue run of photo comics in Italy, while published in France as Satanik (until it was banned after 18 issues). The skeleton clad killer materialized in other countries under different names in various languages, and now in English, as Sadistik. The character was so popular in Turkey that over a dozen unauthorized films were produced!

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