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Secret Of The Shadow Dragons Vol 3

Gotya is faced with another challenge outside of his father, but that with The Seers. An attack is nigh on his home planet of Shinata. Gotya and his father Leon must rally their people to fend them off. Will Gotya be able to defeat the attacking army of the Seers? And what of Gotye on Earth? How will he fair in his battle against The Destroyer? Find out in this issue of Secret of the Shadow Dragons!

Kendall Smith

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 156

On a distant planet far from Earth exists a race of warriors known as the Shadow Dragons. The King, Leon Shinata, has just had his 2nd son, Gotye. However, due to the child’s unusual power, Leon’s wife died after Gotye was delivered. Furious at the loss of his wife, Leon punishes Gotye for 10 years by beating and torturing him in the castle dungeon, blaming Gotye for his wife’s death. Gotye eventually escapes to Earth, where he is taken in by an Earth family, where he hopes to live out his days in peace free from his father’s wrath. Was running from his past really the right answer? Or will the universe bring more trouble to Gotye’s feet?



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