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Got a Comic You Would Like to Sell Here at IndyPlanet?


We’re always looking for comics to add to the store here. Doesn’t matter to us if you’ve never published anything before or if you’re in the Comics Hall of Fame.  If you’ve got an independent comic we’d love to help you sell it here.  You’ll set your own price and you’ll earn $ on EVERY single sale from the very first sale!  You’ll be able to check your sales and earnings in real-time and get paid WHENEVER you want!  We charge no fees whatsoever for listing or selling your comic.

The process is very simple.

Ka-Blam Digital Printing handles all of the order fulfillment for IndyPlanet,  so the first step is to get you into the system at Ka-Blam.   (If you’ve ordered from Ka-Blam in the past then you’re halfway there already).

1) Register as a Ka-Blam user.

2) Place an order for the item you want to sell at IndyPlanet and then upload your files via Ka-Blam’s upload system. You’ll need to order at least one copy, if only so that you can see and know what the finished product you’ll be selling looks like.

3) Once Ka-Blam has verified your files and printed your order you’ll be able to create and curate your IndyPlanet listing from your Ka-Blam User Control Panel.

4) Once the listing is created and we’ve had a chance to make sure it comports with our standards and specifications, then your listing will go live.