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Shadows Of Oblivion #4

Cerberus and The Lieutenant finally arrive in the city of Alesia where they face their biggest challenge yet: Convince WarAngel and Gear to join them in their quest. A difficult task on its own, but a more nefarious plot unfolds in the bustling city.

Shawn McCauley, Brooke Dufresne

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

Entropy: The gradual decline into disorder. Into Oblivion. By this very law of nature, we lose everything; our friends, our family, everything we love. Ultimately even our own lives. It is inevitable and unstoppable. Cerberus and his clansmen of the Wolf fight in a futile struggle against the world’s decline into Oblivion, even as the claws of the Dragon Clan seek to tear them apart. But is all hope truly lost?

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