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Sidekick’d #1

The “Night Watchman” was Grimes Central’s first vigilante hero twenty-five years ago. He became a beloved icon of justice and inspired other heroes. But, after losing his sidekick under mysterious circumstances, he disappeared from the limelight and is thought to be dead. Now in his fifties, fighting crime alone isn’t as easy anymore and the Night Watchman decides it is time to, once again, take on a sidekick with the help of an online matching site.

Adam Fox

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

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After 25 years of hiding in the shadows, semi-retired hero, The Night Watchman decides it is time to take on a new partner. But he gets way more than he bargained for in the over-zealous, media-savvy kid named ‘Viral’. And things get even worse once the Night Watchman learns that HE has just been sidekick’d!

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