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Sideral The Last Earthman #1

Chris Malgrain, Steven A Roman

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

After a nuclear world war, only one man is alive on Earth, and he has the power to fly in space. What will he discover about the universe as he wanders in it?

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1 review for Sideral The Last Earthman #1

  1. Lloyd Smith (verified owner)

    I publish my own comics (Diversions, by Blue Moon), but I also love to read them–especially comics from the 1970s or comics with a 1970s vibe, as readers of my blog Diversions of the Groovy Kind know. Sideral is another in the “New Groovy Age” (that’s what I’m gonna call it) that totally nails the look and feel of 1970s comics. The plot, the script, the art, the use of captions, word balloons, flashbacks, chapters…it’s all so Bronze Age that it just makes my heart smile! Plus, you can tell creators Chris and Steven love the Groovy/Bronze age because there are winks and nods to all kinds of cool 1970s stuff in Sideral–everything from Star-Lord and the Silver Surfer to Captain Mar-Vell and Warlock to Doomsday +1! Plus there’s an awesome tribute to Jack Kirby faux cover gallery to round out the issue that’s so much fun (the Iron Man one is my fave–when you see it, you’ll know why)! The Oniric Comics gang was kind enough to make the first issue digital–but you can bet your sweet bippie I’m gonna order a print copy as soon as print copies are available! You should, too!

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