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Smuggler's Luck Vol. 3

Two career criminals, Sen Lusan, a smuggler and Mosa Ilad, a bounty hunter, search for a mythical artifact known as the Lazarus Device. During their adventure, they encounter a hyper-advanced combat android called Alice. Alice is self-aware when Sen and Mosa find her, despite her programming and with no memory of her original mission. Taking Alice in, they continue their adventure, forever changed by her arrival into their lives.

Luke Santiago

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 212

After narrowly escaping the Tulgey operative on the Mobius relay at Sol with the Lazarus Device, Sen, Mosa and Alice hide out on Mosa’s home planet of Avalon to recuperate from their injuries. But Tulgey is still looking to collect the Lazarus Device and Thany, still a threat, is more bent on catching Alice than ever. Deciding to rid themselves of the unlucky Lazarus Device once and for all, they intend to follow the advice of the Yilduni projection back on Earth and take the Device to the Wayfarers, who then will lead them to Yildun itself. But before that they must find someone that can repair Alice’s damaged shoulder. A secretive professor, Wayfarer pirates, mysterious aliens and more information about Alice’s murky origins are revealed.

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