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Sniper N Rook Silverline #1

Sniper and Rook’s inaugural mission, to rescue a kidnapped President Kelly from the clutches of terrorists who have infiltrated the White House and have taken him hostage, goes awry and the duo finds themselves on the cusp of being thrust into the center of a conspiracy that spans multiple continents and could topple governments.

John Metych III, Jonathan Sukarangsan,Mikey Babinski

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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Jack Barton (Sniper) and Rebecca Paige (Rook) are covert military intelligence operatives serving the interests, and preserving the safety, of the United States of America. Under the direct command of the decorated General Davis Jefferson, Sniper and Rook are dispatched to hot-spots, both foreign and domestic, that need quick intervention and resolution. International action, intrigue, and adventure abounds throughout their missions in this globe-hopping, genre-spanning ongoing series!

“The silly spy genre, currently represented by Danger Girl and not much else, could certainly use some company. Enter Sniper & Rook, a pair of gun-toting, mask-wearing secret agents who may or may not have a thing for each other. Think Moonlighting with shots to the head.” — Steve Horton,

“… Sniper & Rook is witty and engaging and deserves a look.” — Steve Horton,

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1 review for Sniper N Rook Silverline #1

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    The stylized art is awesome here. It has a very sharp yet independent feel. Great start to what will hopefully be a series.

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