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Sniper & Rook V2 #1

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Sniper & Rook are America’s foremost special agents. From covert to overt operations, from espionage to engagement, and from sarcasm to bickering, this duo can and has done it all! Or so they thought!

John Metych III, Gene Kelly, Jeremy Kahn 

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Sniper (Jack Barton) & Rook (Rebecca Paige) are dispatched to Area 51 after their commanding officer, General Davis Jefferson, reveals, to the duo, that alien spacecraft have been spotted passing Saturn with a trajectory leading them directly towards Earth! Their mission is to rendezvous with the premier scientific mind behind the technology research and analysis of the remnants sequestered from the Roswell New Mexico crash site in order to ascertain what level of threat(s) await not only our country but our planet at large! As always with this duo, bickering, sarcasm, hijinks, and gunfire ensues, leaving our duo in a position they have never been in before! Indeed, the Gila Monsters are not what they seem.

Sniper & Rook embark on their wildest mission yet! Jack (Sniper) Barton and Rebecca (Rook) Paige are literally catapulted to the stars! This unstoppable duo has – in the past – defeated tyrannical government officials, encountered masked vigilantes, engaged with monsters and aliens, and have survived their first date together, but will they be able to survive this new surprise threat from beyond space?

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