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Snowbuni And Her Phantasmagorical Dark Ride

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Jeffrey H Wood, Joe England, Jason Waltrip, Kyle Miller, John P. Morgan, LightFoot, Resa Challender (formerly Teri S. Wood), Mike Sagara

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

SnowBuni and Her Phantasmagorical Dark Ride is a continuity graphic novel featuring alien secret agent bunnygirl, SnowBuni, as she explores a Haunted House during a clandestine rescue operation. The book is presented in anthology format, wherein each room of the Haunted House is submitted by a different artist, cartoonist, or creative team, many of whom provided their own unique script and art for their chosen scene. Originally conceived as a creative art contest for Halloween, the project has grown over a period of about ten years, eventually totaling 64 pages by nine contributors.  After collection and compilation, these chapters become a single story of adventure, exploration, and revelation for our heroine. Contributors include professional game designer Kyle Miller, cartoonist Resa Challender of “Wandering Star” fame, cartoonist LightFoot of the “Pulse” webcomic, animator and game designer Mike Sagara, cartoonist John P Morgan of “Fission Chicken” fame, cartoonist Joe England of the “ZebraGirl” webcomic, author Kelly Wood as a contributing script writer, professional web cartoonist Jason Waltrip, and SnowBuni copyright holder Jeffrey H Wood.

This high-energy adventuress was introduced in 1984, and has seen continuous publication in small press and independent comics, as well as a long run of online webcomics and art galleries.

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