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Sol De Plata #1

It is a normal day in the life of Sol de Plata and through his link with the government: Bianca will become the savior of the day. But behind every mask, there is a man, a man with a past ready to reveal itself. Tonight, he will decide to patrol alone, until a kind of green reflection catches his attention and everything begins…

Jonh Curcio

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24
Spanish Language

Legend has it that when the country needs it most, a Silver Soldier appears to save it. Sol de Plata is the silver soldier of our times, who a year ago saved Argentina from a new coup d’état by General Rodriguez. Now, converted into a public servant, Sol de Plata lacks the social life to be an icon of democracy and fully serve the Argentine people. But an emptiness torments him and he does not remember his past. Nobody knows him and he has no one, only one idea resonates in his head: to serve and protect.

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