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SOS Radio #0


Chainsaw’s first encounter with the female warrior Boom Boom resulted in a dual with two persistent mutants full of evil intent.

John Calliari, Chongchen Saelee

Magazine Type Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

SOS Radio takes place in the distant future of a similar world parallel and extremely similar to our own. This fictional world branched off from our own reality upon ringing in the New Year in 2012. When the apocalyptic notions of various cultures and faiths went on un-fulfilled it was the catalyst that caused some of the most faithful of followers to begin questioning their beliefs. In this other world, in an attempt to re-capture the belief of their followers they began to make even more predictions in the hope one would be fulfilled thus permanently securing those who followed their deity. When time after time again these prophesies went un-fulfilled, the spiritually faithful turned away from religion to support something more tangible which ended up being the field of science which had been growing fast revealing new technological advances on a daily bases. This caused the true technical age to occur with great support from the public. Like most new inventions, a great deal of these creations was made in the hopes of making life easier for man-kind. The main focus tended to revolve around robotics and the invention of a true AI operating system. Within a few generations, robotics became so advanced that 95% of jobs worldwide became filled using automated robotic networks. Soon, a majority of the public found themselves un-employed yet financially supported so much so that they could live their entire lives in luxury no having to work a single day in their entire lives. Because of this people were free to do whatever they wanted with their newly discovered abundance of time. Half seemed to prefer to fall victim, to becoming lazy and simply enjoying a variety of ways in which a person could be entertained while the other more creative people took this opportunity to follow their true callings which usually lead to a practice of creative endeavors whether it be writing, painting or creating music. In time, the number of people who sought to create died out and the majority of the masses had a need of being entertained every moment of their waking life. This desire was answered with the creation of the P.O.D. network. The latest in entertainment hardware, a person could enter one of these entertainment pods and have full access to the entire network of the planets many games, music, TV and movies which they could experience with each one of their senses letting them experience each material as if being pulled in to experience it firsthand. Within a matter of five short years, 85% of the world”s population spent their entire lives inside these pod networks, their bodies being kept alive with a complex life support system which made it so that the subject would not ever have to leave the simulation for their basic human needs. After the great sleep, eons went by. So many so that humanity lost track as the decades raced by. At some point, some say it was in late June but no one could be sure, an unknown organization gained access to the military satellites that continued to orbit the planet through the years. Waking the deadly machines he ordered them to launch their payload of EMP “Electric Magnetic Pulse” Missiles worldwide which took down all higher forms of computer technology which included the POD network which brought about “The Great Awakening.” The day that the EMP missiles struck across the nation the POD Network stopped functioning waking up all those who slept within its protective walls. These people, completely new to the real world were helpless and clueless of even the most basic of survival skills such as finding water and food. Many fell into an instant depression as the chemicals that resulted from their entertainment rich environment was gone. For those who survived The Great Awakening, they found themselves going through severe withdrawal as their brains were no longer capable of existing in a 24 hour state of euphoria. Because of this, those who awoke to find that they had the ability to create music, art, or any activity that resulted in a person being entertained found themselves idolized and at times, even worshipped. In time a tyrannical monarchy was formed by those fortunate enough to stumble upon locations holding vast resources and those who developed skills that made them invaluable and a necessity to everyday survival. Combining their power and wealth they became “The Commonwealth” the undisputed super-power of the wasteland which they began to rule with an iron fist. With such power and influence, The Commonwealth put a bounty on the head of any persons with creative abilities and the power to entertain. Collecting these talented individuals, the commonwealth began putting them into prisons where they would force them to perform night and day both for those holding the power and any commoner who could pay for such rare services. As if in response to being hunted down and living a life in hiding, some of the targeted entertainers began to develop odd supernatural abilities to defend themselves. Often these powers would be higher manifestations of their skills such as a harmonica player who could blow a note so strong it could deafen an entire crowd of people. Such powered individuals became known as “Naturals”. With the oppression of the Commonwealth seeming like an unstoppable force, a man named Chainsaw Adams hit the road in his run down RV / radio broadcasting studio where he took it upon himself to travel the wastelands liberating the creative population in any way possible while filling the nation with music and the sounds to inspire a revolution. Along the way, he discovers that he too is a Natural with abilities of his own and begins a quest with a growing group of allies to create a world of total freedom which rivals that of the Commonwealth. ISSUE SUMMARY Chainsaw Adams, in seek of the woman who saved his life just after being rejected from the PODD network years ago, travels to Tulsa while being led by visions of his mystic love to seek out aid and liberate a city in crisis. A comic of sound, music, and a quest for creative freedom from an entertainment starved tyrannical monarchy where anyone with the gift of art and self expression are not only hunted but enslaved. Chainsaw Adams, a lone pirate radio dj travels a post apocalyptic wasteland broadcasting a message of rebellion. Calling to the abstract souls and the free spirits, he inspires those in hiding from the powers that be to rise up and fight back to create a new society built on the stuff that dreams are made of.



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