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Spotlight #3

Tony Kittrell, Thor Mangila, William Hodge, Miguel Angel Ruiz, Salvadore Donaire, Alexandre Nascimento, Makoto, Preston Shuttlesworth, Rob Doan, Martin Blanco, Rachel LaChance, Matt James, Mickey Clausen, Shawn DePasquale, Michael Aguiar, Art Bellfield

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

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The Secret Origin of the Advent Universe’s Occult Protector, Mystic, is revealed in this giant-sized issue. Also, the Avenging Ace faces off against the assassin known as Headbanger. In the aftermath of the Demon War, The Tribe buries one of their own. Tales of the Nubians introduces the characters of Africa Force. An untold mission of the covert U.S. Government team Section 8 is recounted. And the villainous Pit Crew make their first appearance in the Advent Universe in “Full Scale War”.

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