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Stasis Vol. 2


Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 184

Vier and Ariadne find themselves in Terravia; an unincorporated city south of Silverwell. Despite warnings not to enter, their curiosity gets the best of them, and they find themselves once again at the center of a mystery. As monsters become more plentiful and braver with their interactions, the duo must work with unexpected company to end the local terror.

Upon it''s creation, the four mother goddesses left the inhabitants of Lumina with the power to guard over the precious elements of the planet. Centuries later, Vier Aviglon, a young elemancer in training, sets out on an adventure to broaden his mind at the behest of his country''s head elemancer, Aria Fiorden. But things quickly turn from a leisurely adventure to dangerous quest as he finds himself treading deeper and deeper into a plot most corrupted.

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2 reviews for Stasis Vol. 2

  1. aghelms1 (verified owner)

    Another beautiful volume from Lettie! The art, character development, and story arcs are simply incomparable. I have not seen a comic better done. Lettie is a gift, Her art is a treasure. Her online updates are weekly blessings. I cannot praise this series enough! <3

  2. wildlyoversalted (verified owner)

    more perfection from Lettie!! love to see the character growth and relationship development~

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