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Surfacing #3

1800’s American West – After a big score, a band of stagecoach robbers relaxes in a busy town with their ill-gotten gains. Noticing the number of people in the area visiting the roadshow circus, the outlaws realize a new opportunity available for a much larger payday. But after paying a visit to one of the circus’s alluring exhibits, one of the outlaws goes off the reservation. Can the outlaw keep his promise while avoiding the murderous intent of his former posse?

B. Alex Thompson, Nenad Cviticanin,Santtos, Krugos, Cesar Grego, Alivon Ortiz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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Beautiful, monstrous, graceful, sinister, coy, sensual, shy, aggressive… these are only a few of the adjectives for mermaids that have captured the imaginations of people all over the world for centuries. But despite the differences of particular details, how is it that so many cultures have similar general descriptions of the same creature? Civilizations of people across the globe who haven”t had contact with each other, yet share amazingly similar stories? With only 5% of our Earth”s oceans explored by humans, perhaps there are amazing secrets hidden within that unexplored 95%. Mysterious and intriguing secrets that only a few lucky people can even hope to catch a glimpse of in their lifetime. Within these pages you”ll find the stories of these lucky (or unlucky) individuals. Tales of suspense, romance, drama, and horror… stories as varied as the people who experience these chance encounters with beings only thought to be legend. But for better or for worse, they turn out to be oh, so real.

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