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Tale Of The Four Wizards Silvio #1

On the island of Taikus the Sorceress Queen Hacatine overthrows the reign of the wizards. She robs its inhabitants of their power, harvesting magic from every source. Her goal? To defeat the Winds of the North and conquer the land of men. With only four more young wizards from which to draw power, Hacatine nears her goal of supremacy.

D.L. Gardner, Erik Franklin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 8

The youngest of the wizards, Silvio is sent away in the dark of night with his 3 older companions in a tiny skiff and left to the mercy of the sea as they escape from the wicked sorceress Hacatine. But the perils of the deep leave them stranded on an island, and fate takes a turn for the worse, leaving Silvio running from his enemy alone.


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