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Tales Of The Dark Tunnel #1

An ancient cosmic doorway called the Dark Tunnel travels the multiverse whisking away heroes. It takes them to places and purposes unknown. On each trip, our heroes hope it’s home.

Chris Dreier, Giuseppe D’Elia, Shawn Van Briesen

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

The golden age heroes Flame Girl, Magno, and Atoman find themselves in the middle of a forest. Each one taken away at a crucial moment leaving loved ones behind in mortal danger. They do not know why they are there, what the Dark Tunnel is or even if they’ll get home in this action-packed main story.

The backup story follows Scarlett Dalton, a young puritan woman from 1692. Her fiancé betrayed her and was burned as a witch. Her spirit became bound to a small statue. She roams the multiverse via the Dark Tunnel helping those ensnared by the supernatural. In this story, she stumbles across a lost child captured by a soul eater as Dr. Haunt watches and does nothing!

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