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Tales Of The Questor Vol. 1

[learn_more caption=”What It’s About”]Young Quentyn dreamed his whole life of being a hero like the Questors of old. Now, by luck and pluck and sheer audacity, he’s become one– the Questor of his home Village, Freeman Downs. Now all that remains to be seen is if he’ll survive it….

Quentyn is an aimless youth with no seeming particular drive in any direction… but if his parents thought THAT was a cause for worry, his new calling– that ofQuestor– is enough to send them, and the entire village, into a tailspin! It’s a slow start, but Quentyn soon enough finds himself up to his fuzzy tail in adventure, first facing down a would-be God-King of the Dire Swamps… and then below the streets of Sanctuary City, where he must do lone battle against the forces of a literal living nightmare.[/learn_more]

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