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Tall Tales From The Badlands #2

Sean Fahey, Seamus Fahey And Nick Nunziata. Art By Borja “borch” Pena, Giannis Milonogiannis, Carlos Trigo, Pablo Peppino, Ger Curti And Juan Romera

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

“A Nation of Laws.” Written by Sean Fahey, art by Borja “Borch” Pena. 1898. Arizona Territory. As the age of vigilantism is replaced by the rule of law, Sheriff Matt Ryder is about to learn that the justice system is exactly that. A “system.” “The Great Wall.” Written by Sean Fahey, art by Giannis Milonogiannis. Armed only with a box of crayons, the great grandson of a Chinese railroad worker sets out to correct a decades old injustice. “Paw.” Written by Nick Nunziata, art by Carlos Trigo. Little Eddie Dane lies dead in the street, the victim of a remorseless gunslinger’s carelessness. His own father paralyzed with fear, who will avenge the young boy’s tragic death? “The Fastest Way from Here to There.” Written by Seamus Fahey, art by Pablo Peppino. Delivering important documents. Traveling cross country to see family. Heck, just going into town for a beer and some conversation. In the Old West, a good horse was your lifeline to the rest of the world…until the world got smaller. “The Inside Man.” Written by Sean Fahey, art by Ger Curti. Calvin Fisher has been a loyal employee of the Union Pacific Railroad for ten years, and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Nothing except the intimate details of every cargo manifest for every train running west from Omaha.

A Western anthology featuring some of the most exciting emerging talent working in comic books.

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