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Tanner And Casey Holiday Chaos #1

Things just don’t seem to be going right at all for the Montanas this Christmas. Family matters, a broken tree, and a raging storm all result in chaos and raging laughter. And the sassy dog and cat don’t help much. New Year’s Eve is no better! What will everyone do when Bud has just hit their last nerve?

Tanner F. Riche, Madi Ouellet

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Tanner and Casey Holiday Chaos collects tales of all the crazy misadventures that can arise out of Christmas and New Year’s. Our cast of characters go through a series of triumphs and slumps as they just try to make the cold winter a little more enjoyable. Collecting new and old, digital and traditional, multi-pagers and strips, these comics will tickle you pink and warm you up for the season!

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