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TBone and Friends #2

“Do not worship any man-made idols” TBone knows the commandment, but when he finds Lucky Imp, he doesn’t see him as an “idol”. To him, Lucky Imp is just a good luck charm. Then one-day TBone finds himself lost in a scary place, and Lucky Imp isn’t so lucky anymore.

Carla S. Tyree

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Tbone is just a little blue dog learning about this big world and how to live the way God would want him to. It’s not easy because even though he tries, sometimes getting into trouble just gets the best of him. Tbone isn’t perfect, and neither are his friends, but as you grow, you learn, and with every comic, Tbone learns something new. Thank Goodness, he has his friends to help him remember that he isn’t here to please the world but to be more like Jesus.

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