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The Accursed #1

Sister Pennance and crew track down a crime boss to dispense judgement, only to encounter an Uber-enforcer working for the other side. The completion of her mission puts her in the crosshairs of the Piermont Trudeau, also known as Deathmark, the enemy of Knightmare and Dreamshadow. A team of assassins are dispatched but will the unprepared girl receive sanctuary within the refuge of holy grounds?

P. Skylar Owens, Jean Poole, Anias Gurle

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The Sanction Elite was always a secret order of Vatican approved assassins. prompted to service by those on high. The age-old order was divided by those who sought money and power over the directives of God and Church, thus creating a war between the old and the new. Agatha Lavey and her caretakers are charged with hunting down those who defy the church’s wishes and unleash the wrath of Sister Pennance for final absolution.

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