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The Adventures of Scandall 'n Ros #2

Scandall ‘N Ros are headlining at a major regional music festival. DJ Scandall enlists the services of professional bodyguard: Willa Da Killa. The music festival turns out to be a launching point of a Zombie Apocalypse. The heroes are now in a fight for survival against the army of the undead.

Ted Lody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal, they travel from venue to venue, saving that venue (essentially) from itself. Our heroes encounter all kinds of industry personalities, each with their stories; presenting another unique facet of the industry. DJ Scandall His passion for music drives his quest to bring the best entertainment experience to each and every venue he encounters. As a Super DJ and Producer, his abilities are above and beyond the normal limits of normal human potential. A modern day bard, he uses music to inspire and motivates the staff and patrons in the venues he saves. It”s Dj Scandall”s crusade to make world a better place, through music, one venue at a time. DJ Ros The intellectual one of the group, grounded in reason and logic. His approach to music is with mathematical precision and harmonic perfection, on a super human level, never seen before. DJ Ros can size up any situation in an instant, offer providing multiple solutions to the various problems they encounter at each venue. Raven Red Hands The multi-talented maverick of the group, bringing her pyrotechnic techniques, and a sense of awe to any event or venue. Her best know super power is her ability to consume mass qualities of high-grade alcohol and emit intense heat and fire from her finger tips.The heroes arrive at a new venue in danger. They encounter several new characters including Otto Touch (Club Owner) DJ Fifty Dolla, and the pyrotechnic techniques of Raven Red Hands, the Pyromancer. But not everything is what it seems.


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