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The Black Book #1

After her parents fight at her grandparent’s house, Kiara finds a mystical book and tries to escape her reality. 

Topher Chambers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

A young child lays her hands on the Black Book, a cursed ancient book rumored to kill those who read its pages and feed upon the reader’s souls. It is said to give the reader what they deserve. What if someone crossed a Lovecraftian horror with a cursed object that is moved from one person to another by a supernatural entity that is only known as the Bookseller? Set as an anthology, where you get to read along in the book with our young Kiara as she looks to escape her life by reading a book that is ready to give her an escape. Made up of several stories, this four-book short series looks to tell the tale of Kiara, an emotionally and physically abused young girl who escapes from her daily life into books and comics. On a family trip to the grandparents, she finds a book that she shouldn’t try escaping into. Outside of the main story, there are four other stories in the series. What story may catch your eye? A western-style story about a gunslinger and town mayor? A story about a son confronting his father about the past? Or a story following an elderly gentleman who is slowly losing his memory, or is something stealing it? Maybe, lastly, a story about a serial killer who hides in plain sight? Each story exists because someone read the book. Each story consists of readers of the book. That is where they belong now, getting their karmic payback for all the sins of their life. What will the outcome be when the book is faced with an actual innocent?

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