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The Blud Order #1

The candidates are embarking on the first trial, an on-foot movement to Westreach for a valuable goods exchange. Will they succeed?

William McPherson, Jeremy Gray

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24


Yardran, evil lich and ruler of Nephidia, had set forth his diabolical plans to destabilize the land of Aver. The Moonstone Dragons, the heroes of Aver, were temporarily able to halt the plans of King Yardran with the help of a clandestine organization founded by Aldus Blud that takes the thankless quests most adventurers fear to take. They’re called The Blud Order. With Yardran pushing another offensive through Gold Pick, the new shadow-like beings showing up in Xulin, a new magic plague spreading through the land, the Blud Order is going to need new members. Will Kamazz, Zaxon, Raeye, and Dekks be up for the task?

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