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The Desert Peach #15

Donna Barr

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

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“The Triangle Trade,” The Peach insults a bad commander — who saddles him with two very bad officers. In the course of an action — not a battle, which the Peach cleverly manages to stave off — he wins the deep respect of his own pilot, Hauptmann Zeichner, who goes out of his way to channel special tokens to this admirable officer. Rosen’s never been jealous of his lover, until now, and it’s a fearsome jealousy. The two bad officers — modern boys altogether — think they can get away with anything with such a dainty commander as the Peach, but they make the modern mistake of thinking that a man with manners is a weak man, instead of a man who can be deadly cold in control of himself. “Love, Honor, Death and Tea” – the perfect description for the life of The Desert Peach, the Desert Fox’s younger, gay brother. Based on the stranger – but too often true – side of World War Two, this classic series has changed lives and scrambled minds for two generations.

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