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The Diary Of The Stray Dogs #1

Shani is a black female with a mixed Caribbean heritage and is a long way from home, but she has a dream of settling back down in her homeland in the West Indies.

Nigel Lynch, Juan Carlos Francisco, Edward King Bola, Kamaria Connell, Matthew Clarke

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

This is the diary of Shani Belcourt, set in the 22nd Century. A world where many things have changed yet some things stay the same. The pursuit of wealth, health, spirituality, and long life is still the main goal of humanity. Despite its many technological advancements, the world is still plagued with greed, corruption, and a disregard for basic human life. In these pages, Shani recounts the events that start her on the path to becoming the individual she is today.

Shani is an adventurous individual when we meet her in the story she is on the tail end of her contract with a private security firm. Trained as a pilot, she has gotten her team out of many a hairy situation but now it is time for some good old R&R. She and Alex head into the city for a wild night where they meet up with a bike courier Rossa, an individual who is always down for some sex, drugs and fun times.

The series is set in the early 2100s and is about a ragtag group of mercenaries hired by various clients. From members of a secret society to various multinational corporations. The world of the Stray Dogs is one where the major governments of the world have joined together to create a world of peace, but the countries outside of these developed nations were given the designation of the pirate nations. The stories dive into these pirate nations and their interactions with the other world.

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