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The Dunwich Boys #1

The Boys go to a mysterious house in Dunwich to investigate the cattle disappearances. What they find is far crazier than they could have ever imagined. Elsewhere, the new kid is finding it difficult to settle into a new home, especially when you’re being plagued by weird dreams, but could these be visions from an alternative world? The Dunwich Boys are on the case to find out.

Eddy Hedington, Nicolas Giacondino, Angel Lidon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The story of The Dunwich Boys is an amalgamation of story elements based on the writings of H.P Lovecraft. A group of pre-teen boys stumble upon unearthly horrors in the small fictional town of Dunwich, Massachusetts. With guidance from an old man known for his insane theories, the crew goes on an adventure that leads them further into the dark underworld that lies below the surface of our reality. Follow them as they race to discover a way to rid Dunwich of this omnipotent evil before the crawling chaos can seize their small band of heroes.

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