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The Karentha Chronicles #2

Karentha continues to develop her skills and attempts to track down and apprehend the villainous “Madman” Milligan Kincaid! The Daath Chronicler Benson sets off to learn the Daath arts and hopefully find the mysterious Karentha.

Roger Crooks, Jesse Thomas, Teodoro Gonzalez, Bernie Lee, Taylor Crooks, Juan Romera

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Karen Forgedale wants something more in life, Karen wants to become an assassin and work on behalf of her King and country. Removing roadblocks in her way Karen becomes “Karentha” and sets out to finish her training. The Karentha Chronicles also features the Mighty Huff and his Daathian friend, Benson Girthmon, as they seek to chronicle the life of Karentha and also serve people everywhere.

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