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The Kings Sons #1

The sons embark on a perilous journey to rescue their father, only to uncover a shocking truth—that even one’s own family can be deadly. As the pain of a lost loved one grips them, threatening to make them lose their way, the quest becomes a test of not only physical strength but also the resilience of familial bonds in the face of dark secrets.

Woodson Michel, Medunoye Ayodeji

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

The King’s Son unfurls as an enthralling fantasy adventure, tracing the journey of four biracial brothers, each blessed with magical prowess, on a perilous quest to rescue their imperiled father and sibling. Yet, amid the twists of their mission, a looming shadow emerges—another brother harbors intense hatred, wielding unique powers that catch the unprepared world off guard. Simultaneously, a throne-denied son nurtures resentment toward his own kin, crafting a tapestry of intricate intrigue. Further complicating the narrative, the congress refuses to recognize the brothers as complete individuals, relegating them to a status akin to slaves in a world teeming with challenges and mystery.

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