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The Masters #2

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Austin Hough, Tom Morgan, Bob Almond, Robb Epps, Darrin Wiltshire, Greg LaRocque, Al Milgrom, Joe Rubinstein, David Ocampo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

Black Owl takes on a number of his most famous Golden Age villains re-imagined. Laughing Head, Dead Rags the Green Mummy, the Wolf Man, and the Horror Frankenstein team up in an attempt to finally eliminate the hero who has hounded their every waking moments.

A team of super-powered supervillains, each whose identity is inspired by a famous 20th-century artist, come together at the behest of an unidentified benefactor. All being master artists as well as master thieves, this benefactor dubs this new supervillain team, The Masters, and contracts them to steal five very specific portrait paintings from around the world. The paintings individually hold insignificant value, but collectively they are priceless to the benefactor who plans to use their power and influence to perpetrate a scheme known only to him.

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