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The Nefarious Smyths #1

Family First the debut first story of The Nefarious Smyths, comics most diabolical family. When they are betrayed by their government Jack and Shelby go to work to do whatever it takes to save their daughter Gracelyn. A touching tale of corrupt government vs supervillain family.

Dug, Dennis Tirona, Gilberto Ferrel, Edgar Tavitas, Alf Collins, Shelby Dixon

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 120

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The Nefarious Smyths is a timeless tale of a genius family betrayed by their government, thus forced to fend for their lives and go into hiding in the quaint city of Red Deer. It has a Saturday morning cartoon feel combined with over the top violence and adult humor. If you like guns, cars, explosions, ninjas, crazy scientists, beautiful women, funny jokes, constant action, sci-fi, unicorns, dinosaurs, and big brawls then the Smyths is probably for you.

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