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The Nonstandard Assembly #1

Jon Towers

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 114

This sharp and witty comic book tells the story of six unique and dangerous individuals; Gretchen Cooper the detective, Shin a member of a mysterious secret society, Sgt Layne McCord a WW2 era war-bot, Stitch a murderous serial killer, Emma a cursed ghost, and Boaz an ancient stone golem. They are drawn together from across the county to combat the sinister Stanford Leechman and his cult “The Kin Of The Cup” who plan to destroy Pittsburgh. It is up to The Nonstandard Assembly to stop them, and they might not make it out alive. The Nonstandard Assembly, Kin of the Cup (128 pages) A quirky group of unique heroes are drawn together by a mysterious occult force to fight evil.

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