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The Otakuverse #1

In the multiverse, there’s a universe of wonder, horror, adventure, and more where people with powers called Evos have appear where there’s the universal balance must be maintained at all costs in this anthology of heroes, villains, and those in between!

JD Dishmon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 60

In this exciting 1st issue of a thrilling anthology style comic book, the 1st time the Beyonds met in part one of a two part origin story in Brown Mountain Madness, Kunai and Neko-Neko thought it was a routine crime fighting becomes a fight for survival, The Super Merc Striker is retire and running his own taven until news of some super team gets him back to the business he left behind, and in Nexgen goes to the Movies our hero tries to find his tech that was stolen to incriminate him in order to prevent a trade school to be opened to the n Los Angeles! Plus some MistahMavhal artwork inside as an bonus too! RATED T+


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